Running for Re-Election in 2015



Right to the point:  We’re running again. My team has led assessors across the state (and around the world) to new ways of doing business, and we have great ideas in the pipeline for years to come.

Since I’ve been your Assessor we have delivered on every promise and exceeded others.


The main job of the Assessor is to fairly value all property in the County. We’ve won national recognition from the International Association of Assessment Officers (IAAO) for our excellence in assessment, best practices, and setting values. Our office is one of a handful to be recognized twice by IAAO for assessment practices.


We greatly improved public accessibility to all the information we use to assess individual properties. I’ve visited all 39 cities and all unincorporated areas of King County to provide education and outreach. Since taking office appeals into the office are down 50%  signaling more public confidence in our work!


I promised to advocate for property tax relief for seniors, veterans, widows of veterans, and disabled. As a veteran myself, I understand the challenges our soldiers face when they leave military service. That is why we fought for a bi-partisan effort that passed the 2015 legislature that will increase the number of seniors, veterans, widows of veterans, and disabled who qualify for property tax relief, helping them stay in their homes as our region becomes increasingly unaffordable for many.


We are the first Assessor’s office in the nation to use IPADs in the field, greatly increasing productivity and providing quicker information at your fingertips. We eliminated the need to travel downtown to review and file an appeal with the launch of eappeals. The tool helps you compare your home to similar homes and if you decide to file an appeal you can within minutes online. In only the second year, 52% of all appeals were received online. This greatly reduced “paper chasing” and improved our response time. We launched an online portal that provides real time community property data coupled with education, permitting, census and sales info. 


Dont take our word for it, we have won 9 national & local awards for our work, including:

Award for public education & innovation

Best Assessment Jurisdiction

Award for Innovation and Technology

WA State Quality Award

Highest King County Employee Satisfaction rate as voted by employees

Best Public Education and  Civic Engagement Award

2nd most visited King County webpage with over 4 million page views a month (second only to the bus page)


We have been busy but there is more left to do. I ask for your support and vote so that we can continue our excellent work, advocacy, and to deliver on some new goals. Like creating a one stop property shop that will provide one stop for all things property including records, taxes, refunds, values, appeals and eliminating the confusion and hassle of navigating multiple sources.

Next year we will offer electronic value notices, greatly reducing postage costs and reducing the period between the time we value your property and you receive your notice. Electronic value notices will also give you 24 hour access to much more information about your property and our valuation process.

We are in the first pilot phase of a new field model for appraisers that gets them out of the clogged traffic and puts them closer to the neighborhoods they value. We expect this project to greatly increase productivity, while being environmentally responsible, helping to reduce traffic and emissions in our air.

That is just a small sampling of the exciting work that is to come and why I need your continued support.

DONATE TODAY help us build upon our record of excellence and continue to deliver for you!

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