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Get All Your Election Info Here!

Only a short amount of time left to get those ballots in! For your convenience, here’s some election info…

If you want to save postage, you can drop your ballot at one of many ballot drop-boxes. A list of locations can be found here: www.kingcounty.gov/elections/voting/ballotdropboxes.aspx

If you’ve already sent in your ballot, you can track it and make sure it makes it to processing by going here: info.kingcounty.gov/elections/mailballottracking.aspx

And if you’re still researching your votes, you can find the Voter’s Pamphlet here: www.kingcounty.gov/elections/elections/200911/contestscandidates.aspx

I hope I can count on your support!

Regarding the Permitting Issue

I’m embarrassed to learn from the Seattle Times that I didn’t have the proper permits for a basement apartment once used by my son and later others. I apologize to taxpayers, friends and supporters.

I’ve taken immediate steps to get the proper permits and amend my financial disclosure form with the Public Disclosure Commission. I did report rental income to the IRS.

I had mistakenly thought the basement-remodeling project was grandfathered in under city law. It wasn’t. It was an oversight.

While the timing of this is peculiar, there are no excuses. I was wrong. I’m fixing it. I’m truly sorry.

King County Labor Council Endorses Lloyd!

Lloyd is now the endorsed candidate of the Martin Luther King Jr. County Labor Council, the central body of over 150 local labor organizations, representing over 75,000 working men and women in the county.

FUSE Washington Made Lloyd Their Choice for County Assessor!

On their Sample Ballot this year, FUSE Washington made Lloyd their choice for County Assessor, due to “his demonstrated committment to progressive reform and track record with the progressive community.”  Our thanks to FUSE Washington, for their support and all that they do.

BREAKING: Opponent Attempts to Buy Assessor’s Office

We were worried it would come to this. Our opponent Bob Rosenberger, ex-appraiser turned real estate speculator, has just donated a massive amount of his own money to his campaign, nearly $60,000. This makes nearly $100,000 he’s injected into his campaign total. After failing to find many contributors to fund his run, he’s decided to buy the election.

Rosenberger’s most recent infusion of $58,000 amounts to more than was spent on King County Assessor campaigns by all candidates combined in the past two elections. He is now one of the most heavily self-financed candidates in the 2009 King County election, and possibly holds the record for money spent running for this position. Continue reading

Check out Our TV Spot

We’ve shot a TV spot for the election– check it out!

If you’d be so kind as to help us get it on the air, please click the Contribute link above. Thanks so much for your support.

Endorsed by the ILWU #19!

I met and was endorsed by the ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union) Local #19 last night. Like the Sea-Tac Firefighters Union, they realize that the data the Assessor’s Office provides local organizations is very valuable, and needs to be as accurate as possible. I have plans on improving the Office’s data collection process and bringing it to a new level of quality and effectiveness, and I very much appreciate the ILWU’s vote of confidence. I will work hard to do a good job for them, and for everyone in King County.

Have Some Chinese Food and Drinks With Us!

Another fundraiser is being thrown in our honor, this time at the delicious Sun-Ya Restaurant. The details are below– hope you can make it!


Mon Oct 19, 5:00-7:30 pm.

Sun Ya Restaurant. — 605 7th Ave. S, Seattle, WA

Great food and Happy Hour drink prices.

Minimum suggested donation $35.

Please RSVP to 206-726-8053 or citizensforhara@comcast.net.


Our Response to the Seattle Times

The Seattle Times endorsed our opponent, Graham Albertini, for King County Assessor today. They offered strange reasoning for this decision, claiming his appraisal experience was the reason, then contradicting themselves by stating that “the assessor’s job is not about appraising individual properties, which is what Albertini does.”

As for me, they played the age card in explaining why I wasn’t endorsed, saying I shouldn’t be taking a new job at my age.

This is disappointing, but doesn’t change the fact that I bring the most to the table in this race. This is a management position, of a department of over 200 employees and multiple divisions, and I’m the only candidate with a record of solid management. I have a record of doing what I say I’ll do, of being straight with voters, keeping an open door to the community, and putting taxpayers first. It’s for that reason that Mike Flynn, former publisher of the Puget Sound Business Journal, said “Lloyd is focused on the need for a taxpayer advocate in the Assessor’s Office. For that reason he deserves our support.”

No other candidate can offer my record or my administrative background, which I detail elsewhere on this site. No other candidate has researched his ideas for the office in as much depth as I have. But apparently, the Times doesn’t want a guy in the position who’s a bit older and wiser.

We’ll keep on plugging, knowing that we offer the most relevant experience and the best platform of ideas. No matter what’s thrown at me, I’ll keep my eye on the ball.


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