King 5 TV features new tool; Lloyd selected Nat’l Tech Chair


King 5 TV featured the new app My office combined property data, education, permits, sales, census, and other critical info into a stunning GIS map, that even allows the user to draw their own customized boundaries! Trends like value changes over a few years to economic activity is accessible all in one stop! The info changes “on the fly” as you navigate the site.

Visit to visit the site and click here to see the King 5 TV story:

The Information Technology Standing Committee advises the Officers on information technology issues and provides oversight on NACo information technology projects.

Lloyd was chosen by County officials from across the Country as National  Chair of Information Technology Committee! This is more recognition of the innovative practices Lloyd has brought to the Assessor’s office. Despite negative claims by his opponent to the contray, we continue to expand current and introduce new innovative practices that will help the public, elected officials, and community organizations make regional solutions to critical issues such as affordable housing, land use, and economic development.

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Another Hat in the Ring — Show Lloyd Some Love TODAY

In 2009’s 5-way race for Assessor, we placed 2nd in the spending contest but came in 1st at the ballot box. Your support let Lloyd reach the voters with fact checks in reply to good old-fashioned baloney.

In 2011 we were set to fight for reelection — but with your early support a matter of public record, nobody else stepped into the ring.  By June the heat was off campaign funding. Thank you all again!

After months of buzz in the background, at least one 2015 opponent has made it official — one whose heart is set on raising $250,000 and taking Lloyd out of office.  Once more, your early support is vital.

Lloyd’s department is one of only a handful of offices worldwide ever honored with not one, but TWO Distinguished Jurisdiction Awards … the ONLY government agency to win a Washington State Quality Service Award since he took office …  all while reporting the HIGHEST workplace satisfaction in King County government.

Lloyd faces a very determined opponent.  Can you show him some love TODAY? Click the”CONTRIBUTE” tab above to go to

You’ll hear more from Lloyd as the race shapes up, and please stay tuned — it’s going to get interesting.